Your Web Channel always available

Surely as head of a company you will have suffered problems with technology. No more, we take care of them.

Although technology is important, business matters are even more important.

Result: we never find time for preventive tasks that you know you have to do.

Until one day something stops working. Then we lose a whole day trying to solve it.

We help you to really forget it. We take care of all those small preventive (or not) tasks that need to be done, that do not contain special difficulty if you know what to do but that require someone to take responsibility and do it routinely and periodically.

It is about:

  • execute periodic preventive routines

  • perform reactive tasks, the result of unscheduled needs

  • analyze the performance of our web channel to propose improvement actions

“This is what I need for my website”

  • Not having to worry about technical issues, that they are transparent to me

  • Always available for my clients
  • Somebody take care of periodic tasks

  • Somebody solves the incidents and they do not affect me

  • There is always someone available to make quick changes on the go
  • Someone informs me about the evolution of the main indicators
  • Well positioned

Detail of the services included in the integral maintenance of your website


They are the best guarantee to minimize risks

We take care that both the wordpres core, the theme and all the plugins are up to date.

We control the server load levels to act before it is late

We also make backups and verify that we have them if necessary


Sometimes there are also unforeseen events that must be faced

We assume as ours any incident that may arise until its full resolution, both on your site, and on the hosting services on which it is supported

We carry out small modifications that the client may require on a day-to-day basis


As always, measure to improve and make decisions

We carry out a monthly analysis of the evolution of the positioning with respect to the keywords that are defined

Personalized traffic report with Google Analytics to monitor the evolution of visits and their characterization

We are here to help you grow your business!

With Creative Ideas, Innovation & Rigor