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By now you are convinced that you need a website for your company. But that is not enough; there are more and better websites in the market and yours has to stand out from your competitors.

It’s not just about winning sales, but not losing them in front of your competitors. It’s about getting better positioned than they are, trying out strategies that make you stand out, mastering technology to like Google more.

Sometimes a small detail makes all the difference. And there are many things to keep in mind:

  • the design must be attractive, without forgetting the security … and comply with the data protection law

  • speed is critical for positioning … and mobile compatibility

  • Is hosting important for this?

  • And how do I connect it with my social networks and marketing systems?

  • and then you have to setup something to measure everything

But for this you have to keep up, you have to know the possibilities of technology and search engine criteria. And, recognize it, being important, you have other things even more important to take care of. The good news is that you can delegate all this to specialists.

You can’t afford to delay it anymore!

This will be your website

  • It will be a website that you feel satisfied, that represents your brand, your personality and that builds trust in your audience

  • The best place to present to your potential clients in a clear and structured way what you want to offer them, designed to sell from the first moment

  • Custom design and adapted to your brand image to captivate as soon as you see it

  • You will be able to manage it yourself easily from the same delivery

The technical part summarized

  • Responsive design (adapted to all types of mobile and desktop devices)

  • Very careful and structured content to favor positioning

  • Premium template included in the price

  • Security Package Included

  • Positioning package included

  • Performance Optimization Package

  • Integration with social networks

  • Integration with your email marketing tools

Detail of the services included in the web design and development


Lets start by the beginning; you have to have a solid foundation

Depending on your project, we advise you on the characteristics that your hosting must gather for optimal performance
We advise on the purchase of the domain and we help you to point it to the name servers (DNSs) of the hosting service that you have hired
Depending on the possibilities of the hosting you have hired, we make sure that you have regular backups available in case you need them at some time
We install and configure the SSL certificates that you have hired, so that your website loads with the encrypted secure protocol https
We create in your hosting company the email accounts you need
If you need to move your website from one hosting to another, we collaborate with you in the migration


The most extended content manager in the market

We perform in your hosting, from scratch, the installation of the wordpress platform and its technical configuration

We install, activate and perform the technical configuration of all the software pieces (plugins) necessary to meet the requirements of your website

We make web development with a premium template, very flexible to cover most of the requirements. And with an indefinite use license, with updates forever, so you don’t have to worry about making any payments or any renewals

We make a personalized web design proposal or we adapt to what you tell us, you choose. In addition, we deal with the layout of pages and posts so that entering the contents is easy and fast

If you have to translate the web to other languages, we install and configure the best translation plugin on the market, so that the page is just as professional in all the languages ​​you need

If you are one of those who directly sell your products or services through your own website, we implement the eCommerce functionality with the most reliable software on the market


Basic if you want your customers to find you

We make sure to structure the different sections of the web in a logical way so that they are understood by the crawlers and facilitate search engine optimization.

Meta-data are tags that are put in the code to inform what specific content is talking about. We take care to configure them in the different items that intervene in the positioning (pages, entries, projects, categories, etc.) so that the search engines know at what time they should take out your website in the search results

We work with the best plugin in the market that facilitates the placement of necessary tags for SEO. We install it and leave it completely configured

The sitemap is a file that contains an orderly map (index) of all the contents of our website. It is essential that search engines have it updated so that all pages of our website are indexed. We take care that this is so

Now that access to the Internet is already more via mobile than via desktop, search engines give more importance than ever to our website is adapted for all types of mobile devices and tablets. All our websites are 100% responsive

We can also do the keyword research for which you should position your website, depending on your sector of activity, the positioning of your competitors and the difficulty of them


Performance and security optimization packages

We install an image optimization software to improve the performance of your website, both for lower disk occupancy, and for less download time

We take care of installing and configuring a plugin to work with the cache memory, a memory that allows you to have the page ready before the user asks for it, so that, at the time you request it, the download is immediate

We configure the platform so that the download of the code files is as efficient as possible, ordering them properly and even compressing them. We also install software that optimizes the database.

In all our websites developed in wordpress we install a security package that includes anti-spam, firewall and access control

Besides the backups that are made in the hosting service, our websites include the possibility of making manual backups of the information for specific moments in which it is necessary, both of the files and of the database

All software that is “alive” periodically releases new versions, either to solve security or operational problems, or to introduce new features. The wordpress platform allows you to make these updates very easily, even if you are not very technical


I already have the web, but with whom and how does it interact?

We insert a Google-Maps map with the location of your company

We insert links both for users to distribute your content through their social networks, and for them to follow you in yours

We connect the web with your email marketing system to feed your mailing lists

We manage the sending of your new content to your users by automatically distributing the newsletter

We insert contact forms or registration forms in the services you provide

We can install a messaging or whatsapp system, so that your users communicate directly with you and in real time from the website


Google Analytics. It only improves what can be measured

We advise you so that you can open an account that allows you to monitor the main parameters of your website on the Google Analytics platform

We insert the Google Analytics code in the pages of your website so that it identifies the visits made and associates them to your website

We configure and customize the control panel so that it is easy to identify the main parameters to monitor your website

We do ensure that your website is registered in the Google Seach Console (former Google Webmaster Tools) tool for web administrators that identifies indexing problems of your website so you can solve them

It is possible to associate Google Analytics with your advertising campaigns to monitor their performance

We can configure the platform to periodically send you a report on the status of your website in terms of visit analysis.

We are here to help you grow your business!

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